thistle chopstick (burnzone) wrote in sup_sluts,
thistle chopstick

"I am such a slut"

If I had the time or the energy I would take some racy pics of my self and spread them on this place like supper chunky peanut butter. But ahhhhh I am lazy and unmotivated and would rather sit here and make a lame attempt at writing erotica.

Name: Sarah
Age: 20
Territory: soon to be land of Mormon.
I am not amazing, but I get by.
I love to throw things out my car window when I’m going 80mph. Bags of chips are my favorite, after that it would have to be tin foil. When I get sick of that I usually sit down and read some Dostoevsky or Sigmund Freud.
Distasteful joke: what’s the similarity between celery and pubic hair? They’re both stringy and get caught in your teeth. (Note: don’t tell this joke, especially not when giving head.)
Favorite movie: highlight of the ice nymphs.
I am a bitch with STDs
And I am way to lazy for all that other shit, you can kick my ass out of here if you want.

That’s all.

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