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even though this place looks dead ...

here's my

>Age: pretty young
>Territory: stroudsburg, PA
>What makes you so amazing and/or hilarious (we want a story, dickhole): Just the fact that I'm a dumbass not like the ones who try, but the ones who just are... The kind that gets distracted by staring at a shiny object and is just completely fascinated by it ....../ black outs
>Most influential band(s):thursday
>Favorite movie(s): Eurotrip, I robot
>Distasteful joke of the century: what? depends what you mean by distasteful ? oh well
There's two elderly women in a car one night, one of them notices they drive through a red light, she isn't sure if it really happened so she doesn't say anything. A little later they pass through another red light this time she's quite sure she saw it, so she decides to keep a look out. They reach another stop light and sure enough they pass it aswell, this time she is sure of it so she says to the other ederly women, "Mildred, are you crazy? we just drove past a red light, we could have been killed!!" Mildred replies "Oh Shit!!!! I'M DRIVING?!?!"...............<====whatever...just decided to write an ordinary joke
>Explain how your couldn't possibly be a super scene bitch with STDs: Because uncle sam owns me.../end
>Promote this community and post some linkage:   --- pffffft
>Post at least three pictures, one showing your face clearly:

me looking pretty fucking stoned....

I have braces,....and they are green. (favorite color)

some guy my friends and I saw at the mall (I take pictures alot) ...thought he was hott so I took a picture...even hotter when he turned around and I found out he had a lip ring

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