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JOIN investyourself!

There's a lot of pictures behind the cut. I'm not talking like 8. I'm talking like.. much more.

These are from a while ago but I figured hey, why not?
I would post more recent ones but I lost my camera. Woops!

Anyways, these are still worth a glance. Here you go. I'm the one with the shorter hair if you don't already know.. and my hair is even shorter now. Once again, lost camera, no pictures of it. :(

..The other girl is my cousin. And if a little boy shows up in these.. that's my other cousin.


You see that guy on the very side in the store window. He looked like a cowboy.

See? He had a belt buckle and everything.

Bad one of my face, but oh well.

Cookie dough dick. Haha.

Then we decided to play cops and robbers.


And milk!

And Degrassi!

We were bored so we broke a car stereo we randomly found in my backyard.

And started a fire.

And we hung in the street at 3 a.m.

That's me lying there, it's hard to tell but it is.

I love my mom.

And I really want himmmmmm.

Okay I'm done. That was a lot but oh well. You're not complaining, are you?

Oh and please please
PLEASE join my rating community investyourself!!
I know I already said it once up top, but we really need more members. We still have one (most likely.. unless we hate your guts) auto-accepted spot!
We need membersssss!

Please join, and I'll be in love with you forever & ever!

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